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Q: How to care for your new Twyla bamboo products?
A: To maintain the quality of bamboo fabric, it is recommended to wash on a gentle cycle with cold or luke warm water. Line/air dry when possible or tumble dry if necessary.
Q: Is bamboo more breathable than the other products on the market?
A: Yes. Bamboo is one of the most beathable fabrics you can use.  In addition to better ventilation, bamboo is also sweat absorbent, wicking away sweat in those sticky situations.
Q: What is the fabric made of:
A: 95% Bamboo, 5% Spandex

Q: Is bamboo a sustainable source of materials?
A: Bamboo is actually the fastest growing woody plant in the world, and it’s super resistant to both heat and cold. That means it’s an extremely sustainable resource, and can grow in climates that couldn’t support other kinds of plant life.